Heritage Action’s mission is critical to America’s future. Our strategic plan to hold members of Congress accountable requires cutting edge tools, an elite staff, and timely action.

And this requires your financial support.

Heritage Action is making a difference. We led the legislative fight for repealing Obamacare even before Republicans took control of Congress. We fought off the big spenders who wanted tax hikes as part of the debt limit deal. And we swayed votes on important deals that increase economic freedom.

America faces many serious challenges. High unemployment, a skyrocketing national debt, unabated spending, and economic uncertainty as a world superpower.

Thanks to your efforts in 2010, a new wave of conservatism came crashing down in Washington. But it’s not enough. In order to succeed in 2012, we must continue to hold Congressmen accountable for their votes.

This is only possible if conservatives like you lend your support to our team, our strategy, and our principles.