We’ve divided our staff into three key groups: Political, Communications, and Government Relations.

You are at the center of our efforts: our efforts thrive when conservatives like you stay engaged and take action.

Government Relations. Our well-known and respected government relations team is your principled, conservative voice in Washington. Every time you take an action, our team has another chance to make our case to members of Congress.

Communications. In the age of rapid communication, we use every means available to educate the public on the failings of big-government liberalism and push lawmakers to support conservative priorities.

Political. Our political team organizes conservatives to bring pressure on Members of Congress. They coordinate hard-charging policy campaigns in key states and congressional districts. From grassroots activism to paid media campaigns, we hold lawmakers accountable back home.

Our fight to get Congress united on Discharge Petition #11 to repeal Obamacare is a good example of our three-pronged approach. Together, we determined the Discharge Petition was the best way to take action on repeal. The Communications team prepared and publicized that message, the Government Relations team convinced Representatives to sign, and the Political team spread the word to conservatives across the country. You called, emailed, and told your friends, and Discharge Petition #11 meant repeal in 2010.

All three teams are focused on battling Washington’s big government establishment. You can make the difference in our success: our activist platform links you to their latest efforts.

Our model fuses cutting edge technology and proven political activism, maximizing your influence in Washington.