Heritage Action is a team of committed conservatives, working to bring conservative principles to bear on DC policy discussions. Meet the team.

Protecting your investment: Our staff is held accountable by our board of directors–our strong link to the principled conservative leadership of The Heritage Foundation.

Michael A. Needham, CEO Heritage Action. Prior to founding Heritage Action, Mike served as The Heritage Foundation’s chief of staff and directed one of Heritage’s policy centers.

Michael G. Franc, VP Government Relations, The Heritage Foundation. Mike understands how Congress operates, having worked for Majority Leader Richard Armey (R-TX) and Rep. William Dannemeyer (R-CA).

Nersi Nazari, PhD, Board of Trustees, The Heritage Foundation. Nersi is one of Silicon Valley’s great entrepreneurs and venture capitalists, founding Pacific General Ventures.

Remaining true to conservative principles. Conservatives are threatening to upend the Washington Establishment. With your help, we will make sure Members of Congress recognize that they serve the American people, not special interests. Our headquarters – a three-story brick townhouse on Capitol Hill – enables us to be your principled, conservative voice in Washington. [townhouse picture]

Meet Heritage Action’s elite team.