On November 3,2010, Americans went to the polls and sent a strong message. Many conservatives thought the election changed Washington; and to some degree it did. Politicians of all stripes – Republican, Democrat, Independent – adopted conservative rhetoric. But as we saw throughout the Spring and Summer, the new Congress was big on rhetoric but often short on policy.

Promised spending cuts faded away and the push for serious reforms stalled. From Spring’s continuing resolution to Summer’s debt hike fight and everything in between, Washington’s big-government establishment stifled conservative principles and policies.

Unwinding the destructive influence of years of spending and politics as usual isn’t easy, which is why we’re asking you to take action. Heritage Action has a staff here, inside the beltway, working to make sure Members of Congress remember why they are here and who they serve. Every time you use our tools to take action, you empower them to fight for you and our shared conservative principles.

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As we continue the fight to repeal Obamacare, cut spending and reaffirm America’s historical commitment to self-governance, the Washington Establishment will be fighting us every step of the way. That’s why it’s essential for you to take action now.

Every time you send a letter, pick up the phone or attend a town hall meeting, you send a powerful message to your Members of Congress. The more frequently they engage with their constituents, the more likely they will remember why you sent them to Washington. After all, they are ultimately accountable to you.

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