Know Your Congressman and His record

Congressional accountability begins long before the line at the ballot box.

For activists, it starts with a scorecard. Heritage Action has created a scorecard designed for the urgency of today. Our nation’s problems are too serious to be ignored. Activists like you all across the country can use the Scorecard as a tool to know your Congressmen’s record and to hold them accountable.

What is the Heritage Action Scorecard?

The Scorecard is a revealing list of a member of Congress’ votes and legislative activity. A Congressional score reveals the truth about your representative’s governing philosophy, view of the Constitution, and their commitment to limited government.

Who decides which votes to score?

The Heritage Action team decides which bills and votes to key vote based on our nation’s most pressing problems and what conservatives in Congress are fighting to accomplish. These key votes are then posted directly on and e-mailed to Capitol hill. As an activist you can tune into our key vote announcements and know when an important vote is coming up to make your voice heard before the vote.

As the votes for a bill come in, we are keeping track as you are keeping watch.

Using the Scorecard for accountability

As votes are collected, use the Scorecard for your continued activism. Follow how your member of congress is voting, what bills they are sponsoring and what letters they are signing. Use their score as a starting point in conversation with your representative, their staff, your family and friends and even your activist club.

Remember, the heritage action scorecard is different: we don’t grade on a curve. Our grades are honest and fair and shows you exactly how your Members of Congress votes, enabling you, the constituent activist, to better hold them accountable.

How should I bring up a score?

  1. Congressional townhall
  2. Scheduled meeting with your member or member’s staff
  3. Letter to the editor
  4. Share it through your twitter and Facebook accounts
  5. At your local activist meeting
  6. With friends and family through e-mails
  7. GOTV & door to door canvassing