The Time For Action is Now

It is no exaggeration to say that in the last 39 years no other organization has done as much as The Heritage Foundation to research, publicize, promote, and advance sound conservative economic, regulatory, social, defense, and foreign policies.

But under the federal tax laws, there are things The Heritage Foundation simply cannot do.

Two years ago Heritage Action was formed to do what Heritage cannot do: directly lobby members of Congress in support or in opposition to specific legislation and organize conservatives to keep the pressure on politicians to live up to their campaign promises.

We have seen legislative victories in the last two years on issues from Obamacare to spending to national security. And we have been growing a movement—both in Washington and across the nation—to shape the national debate around conservative principles:

  • We have grown an army of 300,000 grassroots conservative activists promoting our cause in key Congressional districts across the nation
  • Our experienced lobbying team holds lawmakers’ feet to the fire to vote for conservative principle
  • We hold lawmakers accountable through our Conservative Scorecard, key voting critical issues to ensure lawmakers are held to account for their votes on even the smallest bill.

I hope you will consider joining the movement as we put the research from The Heritage Foundation into Action and directly lobby congress to stay true to the conservative principles they were elected upon.

Join our fight today.