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The Petition:

Mr. President: America has a job creation problem, not a tax problem.

It is time to put politics aside. You promised a new tone in Washington; instead, you have embraced the status quo by empowering government, growing debt, increasing spending and advocating massive tax hikes.

Raising taxes will not create jobs or solve our debt crisis; it will only exacerbate America’s current malaise.

Do not raise my taxes!

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“You don’t raise taxes in a recession.” President Barack Obama should remember his own words; because even though recession has officially ended, many Americans are still struggling.

Unemployment remains high. Consumer confidence remains low. Gas prices are soaring. Housing is still slumping.

Raising taxes on hardworking Americans, small businesses and family farms will not spur economic growth or solve our debt crisis.

Americans believe in exceptionalism, not a slow, managed decline.