Wall Street Journal’s Editorial Misfire

Over the past several months, the Wall Street Journal’s editorial board clashed frequently with conservatives who fought to stop Obamacare during the funding battle.  Rushing to continue their linguistic assault, the editorial writers made a clear error in their lead editorial last night (cached version):

Mr. Cuccinelli’s supposed friends in the tea party also stabbed him in the back by pushing the government shutdown.  About 30% of Virginia voters live in the Washington, D.C., suburbs that are packed with government employees, and nearly 90% of voters in exit polls blamed Republicans for the shutdown. (emphasis added)

But the exit polling says no such thing.  The “nearly 90%” figure the Journal’s editorial writers referenced was that 88% of voters who blamed Republicans voted for of McAuliffe.

There was actually a near-even split between President Obama (45%) and Republicans in Congress (48%) on who was “more to blame” for the partial shutdown.  Michael Barone, co-author of the Almanac of American Politics, provided some helpful context:

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Untangling the Spin: Post-Shutdown Polling

Mark Pryor is in serious trouble.

According to the 2013 Arkansas Poll, Pryor’s approval rating plummeted from 52-percent in 2012 to just 34-percent this year.  By comparison, former President George W. Bush’s lowest favorable rating, according to Gallup, was 32-percent.  Bush’s mark came in April 2008 “as the economy was in recession and gas prices were headed toward record highs in the U.S.”  That’s bad, but even more alarming for Pyror, his negatives more than doubled from 21-percent to 44-percent.

Over the next 12 months, Pryor will have to drive down his negatives or win upwards of 70-percent of those who don’t currently have an opinion on his job performance.  And given the looming specter of Obamacare, for which he provided the decisive 60th vote, that is no small task; especially considering President Obama’s approval rating stands at just 29-percent in Arkansas.

Nationally, a new CBS News poll finds President Obama is still underwater:

President Obama’s job approval rating stands at 46 percent, but slightly more (49 percent) disapprove.

Most Americans continue to disapprove of how Mr. Obama is handling the economy, the top issue among Americans overall. While 42 percent approve, 52 percent disapprove – similar to last month.

Americans are divided as to whether or not Mr. Obama showed strong qualities of leadership during the recent negotiations over the debt ceiling and government shutdown: 46 percent think he did, while more – 50 percent – think he did not.

Even though Sen. Mark Pryor (D-AR) much of the mainstream media focus has been on the woes of the Republican Party.  According to the CBS News poll, “Overall, both Republicans and Democrats in Congress get low job approval ratings, but Republicans fare worse.”  Why does the GOP fare worse?

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Obamacare: It’s the Fight We’re In

For years, folks have talked about the hypothetical impact of Obamacare.  Unfortunately, we no longer have to guess at how this unworkable law will impact Americans.  Remember when President Obama declared “for those who have insurance now, nothing will change”?  For far too many Americans, it is painfully clear the law has changed everything. While these Americans are clamoring for a way out of Obamacare, many politicians in Washington are desperately searching for a way out of President Obama’s government shutdown.

Heritage Action’s Michael A. Needham explained that absent action in Congress, the American people do not have a way out of this Obamacare quagmire:

“Heritage Action remains fully committed to fighting Obamacare because not fighting isn’t an option for those being harmed by this unworkable, unaffordable law.  A deal that fails to address the law’s fundamental flaws may be an acceptable political solution, but it isn’t a solution for those who are seeing premiums increase, hours reduced and jobs vanish.  Over the past several months, it has become increasingly clear that President Obama and his political allies care only about protecting a failed law that is hurting the country, not about protecting the people they’re supposed to represent.” 

To be clear, the reason the government remains shut down is because the President and his allies in Congress refuse to acknowledge their law is hurting the American people.

Baron Legault of Pennsylvania shared this testimony and concerns with us:

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Flashback: Super Committee

In November 2011, President Obama left the country as the so-called super committee talks crumbled.  At the time, Sen. John Thune (R-SD) 50% said the President’s absence created “a huge power vacuum” and “basically [sent] a pretty powerful message that [he was] disinterested in getting a result.”

Throughout the fall, Republicans accused super committee Democrats of being unwilling to negotiate.  Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) 85%told Sean Hannity “Democrats have walked away from the table and they’re refusing to talk to the Republicans about a deal… it’s starting to look like they don’t want any deal at all.”  Former Sen. John Kyl (R-AZ), a super committee member, said Democrats “need to make the next move; they walked away from our proposal.”  Even super committee member Rep. Jeb Hensarling (R-TX) 83% accused Democrats of “being inflexible.”

Why rehash the failure of the so-called super committee 23 months later?  Because there is some chatter in Washington about resurrecting a similar framework to pursue a larger budget deal.

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Learn the truth about the #shutdown

Senate Democrats promised to represent you. Instead they are working for Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) 13% and Barack Obama, helping them shut down the government to save Obamacare.

Which is more important: working for you or standing with Harry Reid and Barack Obama to save Obamacare?

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