Establishment Washington politicians — some of them self-described conservatives — are looking to “compromise” on essential spending cuts. These politicians would allow Barack Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi to set the agenda in Washington.

Heritage Action is ready to mobilize against this agenda and set these politicians on course. Here’s what we’re doing:

  • Holding Republicans accountable to their promise to cut $100 billion from the budget in 2011
  • Scoring important votes so constituents know whether their Congressman voted for limited government
  • Rolling out a grassroots presence in key battleground states, starting with North Carolina and Pennsylvania
  • Exposing the liberal agenda of Barack Obama and Harry Reid

With your gift today, we will be able to remain directly engaged in this battle. Your support will give us the resources we need to go on the offensive against Democrats and Republicans alike.

The Washington establishment doesn’t want the new Congress to keep its promise to cut spending. We’re mobilizing to ensure they stick to their guns, but we need your help.