Your petition will help us pressure Republicans in Congress to support the largest spending cuts possible.

President Obama and his liberal allies in Congress are trying to force America further down the path towards economic disaster.

They’re devoting huge resources to this fight. They poured huge sums into the recent New York special election to defend big spending and smear Paul Ryan’s reforms.

With your help right now, we can fight back.

With a Republican majority in the House, we have a tremendous opportunity to block President Obama’s plans for even more big spending, and to restore fiscal sanity. But only if the Republicans stick to their guns.

Heritage Action is working at full capacity to win this fight. And with the financial support of conservatives like you, we are bringing the conservative small government policy vision of our sister organization, The Heritage Foundation, to the halls of Congress through our lobbying efforts.

We are focused on our campaign to stop the liberals’ reckless spending binge. We are pushing congressional Republicans to support the Ryan budget, slash government spending, and rescue America from financial disaster.

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