To: John Boehner, Speaker of the House

Mitch McConnell, Minority Leader of the Senate

All other Republican members of Congress

Whereas: President Obama and the Pelosi-Reid Congress of 2009-2010 pushed federal government spending to levels not seen since the height of World War II;

Whereas: this level of spending pushes us into unprecedented national debt that will impoverish America and force our children and future generations to work all their lives to repay the debt to foreign governments;

Whereas: it is morally wrong and destructive to our national character as well as to our prosperity for the United States to spend money we do not have;

Whereas: the American people sent a clear message in the November 2010 elections that they want Congress to cut government spending dramatically;

Whereas: the president and the Democrats in Congress show no willingness to make significant cuts in spending;

Therefore: as an American citizen and voter, I ask you

  • to vote to cut government spending at every opportunity,
  • to vote for the largest cuts possible at every opportunity,
  • to support the Ryan budget plan which puts us on the road to solvency.