Make sure that your voice against Obamacare is heard by your Representative.

Many organizations ask you to contact people that aren’t your Members of Congress. Others ask you to fax, or sign a petition they never deliver. We don’t want you to waste your time, so we use POPVOX.

POPVOX helps congressional staff by including specific information on the bill you want to support or oppose, as well as your information so they can easily respond. PopVox also has the option to post those messages in public, showing members of the media and others what a district or state thinks about a bill.

We recognize that using this service requires you to enter your information and authenticate your email address, and those steps can be inconvenient, but they are necessary steps to using POPVOX, which is the best way to use email for accountability.

If you are having any issues with POPVOX you can follow our tutorial to help make it easy.