In my email, I said the state of our Union is strong, despite 9.4% unemployment, trillion dollar deficits, politicians attacking the entrepreneurial spirit, and decreasing freedoms.

Here’s why: the reasons for optimism far exceed these short-term challenges.

On November 2, the American people – led by a Tea Party movement of principled, constitutional conservatives – rose up and, with a unified voice, rejected the business-as-usual approach in Washington that has taken our country off course. On that day, we won the first battle in a long war for the heart and soul of our country. This year, the war moves from elections to policy.

Heritage Action for America was created to be your principled, conservative voice in Washington. Like our sister organization, The Heritage Foundation, we are in Washington, but we are not of Washington. We are not here to enrich ourselves at the taxpayers’ expense; rather, we are here to make sure the electoral victories you achieved at the ballot box are translated into conservative policy victories.

It is, sometimes, a lonely fight. As you know, anybody who has “big” in front of their name has their interests taken care of in our nation’s capital. Big Labor, Big Business, Big Government… the list goes on.

Yet, the great idea that we all care so deeply about – America – is not about protecting the powerful. It is about providing opportunity for an entrepreneur to start a company and create a better life for his children. It is about individuals solving problems by donating their time, money and energy to churches, charities, and schools within their community. It is about a parent who finds fulfillment in life by raising a family and fighting for her children to have the same opportunities in life that she had.

These concepts may be punch lines in our nation’s universities, newsrooms and boardrooms, but they are near and dear to you and me. They are the reason America is exceptional among the countries of the world and worth fighting to preserve.

So thank you for allowing us to take a step back from the day-to-day battles of Washington, which Heritage Action was created to fight. There will be plenty of time for us to stand shoulder-to-shoulder in fighting them. Despite the setbacks our nation has endured over the last several years and decades, the state of our Union is strong because we are committed to making it so.


Michael A. Needham
Chief Executive Officer
Heritage Action for America

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