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Spending Action Team

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During the past decade, Washington has increased spending by more than 50%. In 2010, voters told Congress to listen to the people and stop spending.

Here at Heritage Action for America, we’re working hard to hold the new Congress accountable and make spending cuts a reality. Now we’re asking you to join our team and get to work.

Our Spending Action Team is an dedicated group of conservative activists, ready to act at a moment’s notice. We’ll provide the Team with our best strategy and tactics for maximum impact on Congress. You’ll provide the pressure to your Member of Congress.

The Conservative Approach to Spending

Heritage Action is working to secure Congressional support for the policies mandated by our spending mission statement:

Towards the goal of capping federal spending at one-fifth of the economy, we support a cap on total federal program spending, in nominal dollars, in each of the next 10 years to the 2010 level, and will work towards the enactment of a constitutional amendment to limit total federal spending to one-fifth of the economy.

This will require Congress to begin to cut spending immediately. Budget expert Brian Riedl of The Heritage Foundation has identified $343 billion in possible cuts, in just the first year. Heritage Action expects Congress to cut at least $170 billion from next year’s budget.