10 Sentinels in Florida had a private meeting to speak with their Member of Congress, Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-FL)

Are you fed up with typical politicians? Are you frustrated with the government spending too much and for blatantly disregarding the constitution?We are too, which is why Heritage Action created the Sentinel Program, a network of 13,000 conservative activists who get training and coaching from Heritage Action to be the leading edge of the conservative movement.

What is Sentinel?

Sentinels are knowledgeable conservative activists who take meaningful action to hold their member of Congress accountable.

Sentinels come from all backgrounds across the country with the common goal of holding Congress accountable. Heritage Ation works with you individually, building your knowledge, growing your influence, and preparing you to take meaningful action. Sentinels commit to partnering with us to stand guard for freedom, lead in their circles of influence, and communicate with elected officials. They know the issues, grow their activist skills and networks and go out and lead in their communities.

4 Simple Steps to become a Heritage Action Sentinel

  1. Complete a Influence Profile: Submit a 3 min questionnaire about your past experience and more information.
  2. Speak with our placement specialists: A Heritage Action DC team will arrange a phone call to discuss your specific interests, answer any questions you have and help identify what training, support and coaching you need to deepen your activist journey.
  3. Meet your Activism Coach: You will meet your Heritage Action grassroots representative who will work with you to build your activism skills, provide direct information from DC and walk alongside you in the journey to turn the country around.
  4. Become a Heritage Action Sentinel: Get exclusive access to a weekly briefing call, direct from Heritage Action’s DC based team, access to issue briefs, FAQ sheets and an online community of activists.

You want to make America a better nation. We want to help you discover how your unique skills and talents can turn the country around. Through the Heritage Action Sentinel Program, we want to give you the training, support, and community to amplify your conservative values.

Take the first step today to becoming an even more effective conservative activist.

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Tell Us About Your Background
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What is your background and how did you hear about Sentinel?
Knowing your profession, your story, and how you found out about the Sentinel program will help us ensure we get you plugged in to the right part of the team. Your Regional Coordinator will treat everything you tell us as private information, not to be shared with others.
What political causes do you support and what relationship do you have with your Member of Congress?
Explaining how you hold your Members of Congress accountable and what political efforts you support will help us come alongside and help you grow your influence.
What do you currently do to advance conservatism and how would you like to partner with the Sentinel Program?
We're here to help you. To give us a picture of how we can help you, let us know if you: call or email your Senators, attend Tea Party meetings, write letters to the editor, call talk radio, organize your precinct, or advance the message online. Feel free to let us know what you'd like to start doing as well.

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