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Becoming a Heritage Action Sentinel will allow you to join us for the exclusive 2016 Sentinel Summit in San Antonio, Texas. This is your chance to meet with fellow conservatives and discuss the legislative agenda for 2017. You will be joined by thousands of fellow patriots fighting to hold Congress accountable. Take the first step today:

This short survey helps us understand the political activities you are already doing and the activities you are interested in starting up. After you complete the profile, one of our grassroots team members will reach out to work with you one-on-one to guide you through your activist journey.

We’ll be in touch to help you get started on the path to becoming a critical member of Sentinel Nation.


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What is your background and how did you hear about Sentinel?
Knowing your profession, your story, and how you found out about the Sentinel program will help us ensure we get you plugged in to the right part of the team. Your Regional Coordinator will treat everything you tell us as private information, not to be shared with others.
What political causes do you support and what relationship do you have with your Member of Congress?
Explaining how you hold your Members of Congress accountable and what political efforts you support will help us come alongside and help you grow your influence.
What do you currently do to advance conservatism and how would you like to partner with the Sentinel Program?
We're here to help you. To give us a picture of how we can help you, let us know if you: call or email your Senators, attend Tea Party meetings, write letters to the editor, call talk radio, organize your precinct, or advance the message online. Feel free to let us know what you'd like to start doing as well.

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Thanks for answering the questions on your Sentinel Influence Profile. We will contact you directly to get you started on the path to being a Sentinel. Be sure to push submit on this page to send us your Influence Profile.
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