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How does the Sentinel Program work?

To become a Sentinel, you complete our influence profile. After helping you get started we will include you on our Sentinel-specific email list where you receive information on current legislative fights, local training sessions and much more.

As you take action we encourage you to let us know what you are up to. By reporting action on our website and communicating with your regional coordinator we can help you maximize your effectiveness.

How do I sign up?

Signing up for Sentinel is as easy as filling out our short Influence Profile survey. We ask for your email because that’s how we primarily communicate with you. The other questions will help us connect you with the right kinds of activity based on how you can be influential in your area.

When do I officially become a Sentinel?

After you complete your Influence Profile we will review it to see how best your experience and interests fit with the Sentinel program. From there you will receive Sentinel-specific communications from us including emails from your regional or sentinel coordinator. You can also check by clicking “check your status” on the right side of this page.

How do I stay a Sentinel?

Remain active and let us know what you are doing! Even if it is a quick email letting us know that you contacted your member of Congress we appreciate knowing your recent activities.

Will you help me?

Of course! Sentinels are not alone: becoming a Sentinel means you will have direct contact with the Heritage Action political team. We will help you ensure your work is effective and you are achieving conservative accountability.

How does reporting actions work?

Sentinels are able to report their actions by completing an online form. Our system will track your actions and provide you with a numerical summary of what has been reported. We understand that not all actions can be distilled down into “points” so simply look at these points as a fun way to track your progress, not a strict requirement of what needs to be done.

Sentinel Program Help

Send an email directly to our Sentinel Program Coordinators. They are standing by to help.
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We are standing by to help.