On July 31st, Heritage Action hosted a conference call our CEO Michael Needham and Florida Senator Marco Rubio. Thousands of Heritage Action supporters and activists joined the call and many participated in the discussion.

Call with Senator Marco Rubio

Listen to the call:


Senator Marco Rubio:

Do not underestimate how much your Congressman’s office will hear letters or phone calls or even through organizations like this one [Heritage Action] who communicate with law makers. 

I think in the past, what also happened was that legislators and Congressmen and Senators would come up to do a campaign and they would come up to Washington.  No one is paying attention.  They do whatever they wanted.  They voted anywhere they wanted and you would never know about it because it just wasn’t covered.  That’s all changed now and it bothers some people around here.  I think the folks on the other end of this call with Heritage Action can tell you about it, but there are a lot of members in the Senate and the House that don’t like to be held accountable.  They get very upset of the fact that Heritage Action will score card a vote somewhere or score card you know, how they performed on one thing.  They don’t like that.  They don’t like being raided, but the truth is, that without that level of accountability, you would never know and too many people would never know.  And so, I think it’s important to pay attention to those things as well.