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Hold Washington Politicians to Their Conservative Promises—Make Them Repeal Obamacare!

In 2010, Americans elected a new conservative Congress to repeal the most destructive government program in American history: Obamacare.

But it won’t happen unless you keep the pressure on. Please make a donation to Heritage Action for America to help make Washington politicians accountable to their promises.

Heritage Action for America is the legislative action arm of The Heritage Foundation, America’s most influential conservative think tank. Heritage Action takes the research of The Heritage Foundation experts and turns it into votes in Congress!

Heritage Action is attacking Obamacare by:

  1. Holding Congress accountable to its promise to stop bureaucratic regulations that are necessary to implement Obamacare.
  2. Holding Congress accountable to its promise to stop funding the expansion of Washington agencies necessary to make Obamacare work.
  3. Holding Congress accountable to its promise to repeal Obamacare.

Your donation will help Heritage Action continue to talk face-to-face with members of Congress and their staffs . . . and organize grassroots pressure in the districts of members of Congress who aren’t committed to keeping these three promises above.

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Your Donation to Heritage Action Gets Results!

  • Heritage Action got 173 lawmakers on board with Discharge Petition 11, a unified plan to repeal Obamacare—before the 2010 election.
  • Heritage Action helped force GOP House leaders to propose deeper spending cuts than they originally intended—under threat of getting a “black mark” from us on their voting record.
  • Heritage Action has the firepower and brain trust to combat the massive political lobbying and special interest groups in Washington that often influence politicians into going back on their campaign promises.