Here’s how you can bring encouragement and accountability on our goal of reforming Medicare:

1. Get started: download the Guide to Town Halls

Use our Guide to Town Halls to get educated on the debt ceiling, the Ryan budget, and the false attacks from the left.

2. Find your local town hall meetings.

Call your Representative’s district office: find out where and when your Representative is holding town hall meetings or other public events.

Town hall meetings are simply public events where your Representative will talk to and hear from constituents. Often, you will have to dig a little to find out when and where they are happening, but the place to start is a phone call to the local office. If they tell you, let us know, and we can help circulate such information to others in your district. If they say that no town halls are scheduled, ask them what is the best way for you to meet your Congressman in person.

For other ways to find local public events, download our Guide to Town Halls.

3. Spread the word.

Tell your friends and neighbors about our information and your Representative’s public meetings. If your Representative is holding no public meetings, start talking about how important it is that they do so. A letter-to-the-editor of your local newspaper might be an appropriate way of registering concern that your Representative is not using their ‘district work period’ to meet with constituents.

4. Go the public meeting.

Provide encouragement or accountability to your Representative. Only if conservatives are at these meetings, asking the right questions and documenting answers, will we succeed in providing real accountability to Congress.

Information about Local Town Hall Meetings:

If your Congressman did the right thing, so be supportive. Thanking them for supporting the Ryan budget by telling them that their vote makes you feel like your concerns have been heard and that our country is finally moving in the right direction.
If your Congressman opposed the Ryan budget, ask them why. Remind them of the importance of getting spending under control and that our country can no longer wait to get our fiscal house in order. Let them know that you will not support them if they continue to oppose these commonsense reforms.

The rest of the story and political context for this fight:

On April 15, 2011, the House of Representatives passed a budget, written by Rep. Paul Ryan (WI), that would reduce spending over the next ten years. It’s not perfect, but it would change the fiscal trajectory of our country. It cuts more than $4 trillion in spending and contains commonsense reforms to Medicare and Medicaid, which would preserve the programs for future generations without bankrupting taxpayers while decreasing our dependence on government.

The left has made killing commonsense reforms to Medicare their central goal. Rather than enact real reforms that ensure America remains an exceptional country for our children and grandchildren, the left prefers to continue the unsustainable status quo. They are urging their supporters to attend the town hall meetings listed below. Their goal is to stop much needed reform in its tracks. If we don’t do our homework and show up at these town halls to make the conservative case for real reform, momentum will be lost. We cannot let that happen.

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