We can’t let the liberals win

In 2012, the liberals claimed victory with a strategic and effective ground game.

And now, the left is already mobilizing in preparation for the 2014 midterm elections. But this time we are going to get out in front of them.

Heritage Action is recruiting, educating, and deploying activists throughout the country. But we can’t do any of this without you.

Heritage Action is launching a national tour, an All-American event to travel city by city, town by town and state by state to reach the American People and recruit key activists. Heritage Foundation President, Sen. Jim DeMint and Heritage Action CEO, Michael Needham are touring this nation and going to nine different cities to spread the conservative message and turn this country around.

But we need committed conservatives like you to make this tour a success.

We know what strategies work. We must get information to the American people through in person, one-on-one contact.

We are launching a national tour

This August, we’ll be kicking off this 9 city tour, head lining with Sen. Ted Cruz at a rally in Dallas. From there we will be travelling the country to equip local conservatives with the arguments and facts they need to hold their congressmen accountable.

Conservatives need to push back against liberal rhetoric and stop them in their tracks. And the only way to defeat the radical left-wing politicians is to build up a grassroots army to fight against them.

The goal of this trip is to:

  • Work with local coalition groups to identify key local allies and activists
  • Connect with local radio stations to get maximum exposure and outreach
  • Educate every day Americans about the liberal threats facing our nation
  • Reach as many Americans as possible to increase our impact scope

Do you have what it takes to join the grassroots army? Reaching all of America and educating them is essential. We urgently need your efforts and contributions so we can move further with our goal.

How you can join the fight

Donate today to help the Heritage Action fund the 9 city Activist Recruitment Tour. We rely on conservatives like you to make our activities a reality.

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