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Answering Your Questions

Does Elena Kagan support the 2nd Amendment?
As a law clerk, Ms. Kagan claimed she was “not sympathetic” to the claim that an individual’s second amendment rights were violated.  Supreme Court Justices must abide by the Constitution, not their personal preferences and sympathies.  During her tenure as Solicitor General, Ms. Kagan failed to file a brief in the landmark Second Amendment case, McDonald v. Chicago.  Her thin track record, lack of experience and questionable comments raises questions as to how Ms. Kagan understands the Second Amendment.

What is the federal government doing to clean up the oil spill?
The Obama Administration is hampering the oil recovery efforts with a bureaucratic command and control structure and fidelity to a 1920’s era union-backed law.  Entrepreneurial local officials cannot begin their own cleanup tasks without submitting a plan for approval from BP, the federal government, the Army Corps of Engineers and the Coast Guard.  Getting four massive bureaucracies to agree on anything is nearly impossible.  The Administration is also rejecting sophisticated oil clean up assistance from European firms that cannot operate in American waters unless the President waives the Jones Act.

Can you keep your coverage under Obamacare?
If you are lucky, you may be able to keep your coverage, but there is a chance that you could lose your health care coverage because of Obamacare.  A government actuary estimated that 14 million people might lose their coverage while a private study suggested the number could be as high as 35 million.  Why?  Because Obamacare incentivizes employers to dump their health care coverage, pushing individuals onto a de facto government plan.  If you like your health care, you may not be able to keep it under Obamacare.

Does the New START Treaty make America safer?
The new treaty fails to recognize the realities of the 21st century.  Rather focusing attention on the nuclear efforts of rogue nations like Iran and North Korea, the treaty places America and Russia on an equal playing field.  There is no room for American exceptionalism in this treaty.  Nuclear equality between America and Russia will reduce our deterrent capabilities and potentially foster a potential Russia-China arms race.  Strengthening or ignoring our potential adversaries is an ill-advised strategy, yet that is exactly what the new treaty seeks to do.

What is the DISCLOSE Act?
The DISCLOSE Act is an unconstitutional and burdensome limitation on political speech.  The act would overturn a Supreme Court decision, which vitiated limits on political spending, by both corporations and unions.  Interestingly, the DISCLOSE Act would only reimpose the limits on corporations – unions and several large, influential lobbying nonprofits would receive a free pass.  The DISCLOSE Act will stifle political speech and protect incumbents, especially those backed by unions.