House Passes $1 Trillion Food Stamp and Farm Bill

Washington –  This morning, the House passed a $956 billion food stamp and farm bill.  Heritage Action released the following statement from chief executive officer Michael A. Needham:

Nearly 18 months ago, conservatives made a simple request: instead of combining farm policy and food stamps into a single legislative vehicle, Congress should begin advancing one issue at a time.  For decades, the unholy alliance created by combining these disparate policies caused exponential growth in spending and stifled serious attempts at reform.  When the House defeated a status quo bill this past summer, we were optimistic meaningful reforms were within reach if Congress chose to separate and start over.

Unfortunately, the unholy alliance – backed by more than $100 million – fought back.  Despite repeated assurances, negotiators failed to stagger reauthorizations for the agriculture and food stamp titles, or secure other widely accepted conservative reforms.  Nonetheless, Congress – and more importantly many Americans – have engaged in a robust conversation about the future of America’s agriculture sector and the massive expansion of the food stamp program.

Just because this Congress missed a real chance to have a farm-only farm bill and begin the process of enacting much-needed reforms doesn’t mean our work has stopped.  Over the next several years, we will continue building a coalition committed to reform, and bringing America’s policies into the 21st Century.

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