Heritage Action’s CEO on Heritage in Focus

This week, Heritage Action’s CEO Michael Needham discusses the ongoing debt limit negotiations with Heritage in Focus host David Weinberger. When speaking about the President’s insistence on tax hikes, Mr. Needham stated simply:

“Here’s the facts: The House of Representatives is the only body in Washington that has done its job. In April it passed a budget, the Ryan budget, it was a bold budget, that starts to save the entitlement programs, save Medicare for future generations, it starts to control spending it puts real restraint on Washington which we haven’t seen in some time. The House of Representatives last week passed the Cut, Cap, and Balance act which would also cut spending, cap spending over the next 10 years and put in a balanced budget amendment which is what we need to force future Congress’ to behave responsibly. The senate and the president have said that all of those are dead on arrival.”

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