Heritage Action to Host GOP Presidential Forum with Gov. Nikki Haley and Jim DeMint in South Carolina

Washington – On September 18, 2015, Heritage Action for America will host a special presidential candidate forum in Greenville, South Carolina at the Bon Secours Wellness Arena.  In addition to candidates seeking the Republican nomination for president in 2016, the forum will feature South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, former South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint, and Heritage Action CEO Michael A. Needham.

“We have a strong slate of candidates running for the Republican nomination for president, and ahead of our primary, South Carolina voters want to hear from each candidate personally about the most important issues – from health care to jobs and the economy – facing the states and our nation,” said Governor Nikki Haley. “We couldn’t be more excited to welcome our candidates to South Carolina and offer them the chance to talk face to face with our voters.”

“For too long, the playing field has been tilted toward those who try to game the system, and the American people are tired of it,” said former Senator Jim DeMint. “They’re looking for leaders who demonstrate a principled commitment to opportunity for all Americans. Instead of ‘gotcha questions’ or the usual political fights, we will discuss solutions on issues that matter to families like education, health care, energy, foreign policy and more.”

“Every candidate runs against Washington because every voter knows the town is a well-oiled machine that works only for the well-connected,” said Heritage Action’s CEO Michael A. Needham.  “This will be an opportunity for the candidates to articulate their desire to deliver a bold agenda that will bring opportunity for all and favoritism to none.”

The wide-ranging policy forum will give candidates a venue to discuss their vision for America.  Candidates will explain how their policies would create opportunity for all Americans by eliminating the favoritism so thoroughly embedded in our nation’s current political system.

Last month, Heritage Action announced its first ever Presidential Platform Index (PPI), which will evaluate presidential candidates on their past actions and current platforms in six critical areas.