Heritage Action Statement on 90-day Farm Bill Extension

Multiple reports suggest the House plans to introduce and pass a 90-day extension of existing farm and food policy next week.   Heritage Action for America released the following statement from CEO Michael A. Needham:

America deserves re al market-based reforms to our nation’s farm policy and a separate debate on the dependency crisis caused by exponential growth in our food stamp program. 

An extension of existing farm and food programs simply pushes America deeper into debt while making Americans more dependent upon government.  From farm subsidies to food stamps, the perverse incentives created from the taxpayer-backed “safety net” are painfully obvious.  Americans do not need a continuation of Depression-era policies.    

A 90-day extension increases the likelihood that Congress will use a lame-duck session to move a long-term reauthorization of farm and food stamp policy.  Heritage Action would vigorously oppose such an effort.


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