Heritage Action to Launch Policy Rapid Response for General Election

Washington — This morning, Heritage Action launched a new website — whattoexpect2016.com — that will put forward the conservative policy battle plan to counter the left’s agenda over the next 114 days.  As policy debates play out, Heritage Action will hold conference calls with reporters and conservative activists to ensure the conservative policy position is well understood and accurately portrayed.  Heritage Action released the following statement from chief executive officer Michael A. Needham:

“America’s established political institutions are in shambles, and the overwhelming public sentiment is that politicians aren’t working on behalf of the American people. Many in the media have equated this election to a ‘dumpster fire’ but in reality Americans’ frustration with Washington is on full display.

“Whether you believe America is undergoing a political realignment or simply enduring a brief upheaval, there is no doubt that the systemic failure of our nation’s political class has led to a complete collapse of confidence. There will be no mandate to govern without leadership, and our job at Heritage Action is to ensure conservative policy is elevated, advanced and defended over the next three plus months to make a conservative mandate possible.”