Demanding Transparency on Export-Import Bank Efforts

Washington — Later this spring the House Republican Conference is expected to hold a secret internal vote to determine the future of the Export-Import Bank, which is scheduled to expire in just 75 days.  To ensure transparency and accountability in this process, Heritage Action is listing the names of each representative publicly opposed to reauthorizing this slush fund for corporate welfare.  Heritage Action also released the following statement from chief executive officer Michael A. Needham:

“Heritage Action commends those lawmakers opposed to reauthorizing this taxpayer-backed bank, but its future should not be decided by a secret ballot.  Silence perpetuates the status quo and empowers the well-connected special interests in Washington.  Constituents deserve to know if their representative stands with Barack Obama and Elizabeth Warren or with conservatives all across the country.”

There are currently 244 members of the House Republican Conference.  Sixty officially support H.R. 597, a four-year reauthorization of the bank, while 74 are publicly opposed to reauthorization.

See which lawmakers publicly oppose the Export-Import Bank: