Conservatives Raise Valid Concerns on Obamacare Replace

Washington — Conservative concerns continue to mount over a leaked, two-week old draft of House Republican leadership’s Obamacare repeal-and-replace bill. Heritage Action released the following statement from chief executive officer Michael A. Needham:

“Conservatives in Congress are raising valid concerns over how Republican leadership intends to repeal Obamacare and reform our nation’s healthcare system. While congressional activity moves slowly behind closed doors in the Capitol, Americans and their elected officials remain in the dark over the creation of a new program that could cost as much as Obamacare. They deserve full transparency, including legislative text and full budget scores, as this important debate plays out in real time.

“Seven in 10 Americans believe the longer Congress waits, the less likely it is that Obamacare repeal becomes a reality. That is bad politics, but it would be even worse policy. To jumpstart legislative momentum, the House could opt to re-pass the 2015 reconciliation bill. That would allow the Senate to conduct a fully transparent debate on Obamacare repeal and the future of America’s healthcare system.”