10-Week Continuing Resolution Sets Up Lame Duck Debacle

Washington – Quiet discussions continue over the nature of the forthcoming government funding measure. Heritage Action released the following statement from chief executive officer Michael A. Needham:

“Post-election lame duck sessions are designed to avoid the will of the American people. These sessions result in last minute deal-cutting that undermines governmental transparency and conservative priorities. Lawmakers should not pass a stop-gap funding bill that requires additional action in a lame duck session. Moreover, exchanging temporary policy riders — even temporary conservative riders successfully forced upon the Senate — for such a session will give President Obama and unaccountable lawmakers one more chance to pass permanent policies in the dead of night. America cannot afford to give them any more chances.”

Throughout the appropriations process, Heritage Action evaluated each individual appropriations measure on the following three criteria: 1) level of spending; 2) funding of bad programs; and 3) exclusion of conservative policy riders. In addition to length, Heritage Action will use these criteria to evaluate any continuing resolution.