This is a tutorial for first time users of POPVOX. For an overview of POPVOX and frequently asked questions, look at this page.

New to POPVOX? Here are Your Step-by-Step Instructions

If you’re a first time user, enter your email address, name and zip code. (If you’ve contacted Congress on Heritage Action’s website, then simply enter your email address, and your information should automatically load up.)


Next, POPVOX will ask for your home address—which will only be shared with your Members of Congress. It is required so that your message gets delivered to the appropriate Congressional office.

Write a personal message to Congress. (Congress pays special attention to constituents when they write personal comments.) This message will be delivered to your Members of Congress and posted on with your screen name so that others can learn from your comments.

Don’t worry – it’s optional. You can still weigh in on a bill without leaving a personal comment!


Preview your Message. This step allows you to review your message before you hit “send.” You can edit your comment.


Share your Message to get others to weigh in. After hitting “send,” you can share your message to Congress with your friends and networks using Facebook or Twitter, or email. This is a great way to encourage others to take action.

From here, you can also weigh in on other bills that Heritage Action supports or opposes.


Check your email inbox. You will receive a “Finish your Letter to Congress” email from POPVOX. This is a critical step.

Click on the link provided to verify that you are a real person and not a “spam-bot.” (Don’t worry. This is a one-time verification. You won’t have to do this again.)

You will be given the option to create your own screen name.  Or you can stick with the screen name automatically generated by POPVOX.  It’s a good idea to remember your POPVOX password so you can return to your User Dashboard on to check the status of your message.


You’re all set! Thanks for taking the time to weigh in.