The Need: Restoring Freedom and Opportunity

The American dream seems out of reach for many, but it's not because of the free market; it's because of Washington.

For too long, the agenda in Washington has been defined by well-connected special interests, not voters. Beyond the walls of the backrooms where deep-pocketed elites secure favors from their friends in government, almost no one in Washington seems to be listening to the American people.

It won't be easy, but we must disrupt the status quo.

America deserves a practical policy agenda that creates opportunities for all Americans and doesn't pick favorites. We deserve an economy that helps everyone; rich, poor, young, old, workers and business owners alike.

The Solution: A Productive Road Forward

We created a conservative policy agenda. A road map to American renewal.

These ideas will help us build an America where every citizen has opportunity to succeed, where every American is treated equally with favoritism to none. We can:

  • Tweet ThisJobs - America can restore opportunity for all by promoting education & innovation. #Opp4All

  • Tweet ThisEnergy – To secure our energy future, let's encourage free market solutions & end corporate handouts. #Opp4All

  • Tweet ThisK-12 Education - Get Washington out of our local schools. Instead let's reform K12 education by empowering the student! #Opp4All

  • Tweet ThisCollege & University – Let's break up the higher-ed cartels and ease the burden of loan debt on students. #Opp4All

  • Tweet ThisHealthcare - True healthcare reform starts with patient-centered reforms. It's more affordable and accessible to everyone. #Opp4All

  • Tweet ThisEconomy - To create opportunity for all we must remove freedom-killing regulations. Here's a road map to a renewed America.

  • Tweet ThisNo More Bailouts – America needs an economy that's fair to everyone. No more bailouts or special treatment to well-connected firms.

  • Tweet ThisWelfare Reform – Let's reform our welfare system by promoting work and strong families. #Opp4All

  • Tweet ThisSpending – We must eliminate wasteful government spending by cutting corporate welfare and reforming old programs.

  • Tweet ThisTaxes – True tax reform must be fair for all hardworking Americans. No more special-interest handouts! #Opp4All

  • Tweet ThisStrong Society – Society is crucial to America's future. Let's protect life, marriage and religious liberty! #Opp4All

  • Tweet ThisNational Security – America must maintain a strong and enduring foreign policy. #Opp4All

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