Stand for Opportunity for All and Favoritism to None

The American dream seems out of reach for many, but it’s not because of the free market; it’s because of Washington. For too long, the agenda in Washington has been defined by well-connected special interests, not voters.

It won’t be easy, but we must disrupt the status quo. The Opportunity for All and Favoritism to None agenda is conservatives’ chance to shape the debate during the 2016 presidential campaign. Sign the pledge to support the candidate who best exemplifies these conservative values.

I pledge to vote for the best candidate supporting Opportunity for All and Favoritism to None:

  • Promote policies that work for all Americans.
  • Grow a strong economy that helps everyone.
  • Strengthen the family and protect life.
  • Make government recognize its limits.
  • Protect and secure America.
  • Stop the special interest gravy train.

Add my name to show I’m ready for a President that moves us in this direction. For all.