“YES” on Prenatal Non-Discrimination Act

This week, the House will vote on the Prenatal Non-Discrimination Act (PRENDA) (H.R. 3541). The bill would ban sex-selective abortions, which experts have demonstrated are on the rise and predict that it will continue to be a trend in the United States.

Currently, women can receive late-term abortions for the purposes of sex selection. While U.S. law prohibits sex discrimination in employment, education, housing, health insurance coverage and athletics, there is no such protection to the unborn child. PRENDA highlights a particularly egregious and systematic form of violence against women and their unborn daughters, who are overwhelmingly the target of sex-selected abortions.

PRENDA imposes criminal penalties on doctors who knowingly provide sex-selective abortions, and those who persuade women to seek such abortions. It also bars federal funding from any organization which does not comply with the law, and would require medical professionals to report any suspected rule violation.

Heritage Action supports H.R.3541 and will include is as a key vote in our scorecard.

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