“YES” on the Scalise-Bishop Amendment #12 to the Student Success Act

This week, the House is expected to vote on the Scalise-Bishop Amendment #12 to the Student Success Act (SSA) (H.R.5).  The amendment, sponsored by Reps. Steve Scalise (R-LA) and Rob Bishop (R-UT), would address one of the “serious policy limitations” in the underlying bill by ensuring there would be no federal mandate dictating how states or school districts conduct teacher evaluations.

Language in Title II of the underlying bill (H.R.5) would create new federal regulations pertaining to teacher evaluations. The federal government should not be dictating such state or school teacher evaluation policies or involving itself in local school districts’ personnel decisions. The Heritage Foundation explains:

[T]he Student Success Act prescribes how school districts are to evaluate teachers and requires them to make personnel decisions that reflect these new regulations.

While tying student achievement data to teacher evaluations, using multiple measures of evaluation, and basing personnel decisions on these outcomes is good policy, it should be local school district policy—not policy the federal government should be dictating.

The Scalise-Bishop Amendment would correct the problematic teacher evaluation language in Title II of the Student Success Act.

Heritage Action supports the Scalise-Bishop Amendment #12 and will include it as a vote on our legislative scorecard. 

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