Next week, the Senate may vote on the Cruz Amendment to the Continuing Resolution.  The “Restore Growth First” amendment, to be introduced by Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), would delay the implementation of Obamacare by prohibiting funding for the law.

The most severe and damaging economic impacts of Obamacare have yet to occur, as they will come with the law’s full implementation and the implementation of its funding mechanisms in 2014.  After that point, this law will be more entrenched and its damaging effects will be much more difficult to amend.  Sen. Cruz explains:

[Obamacare] is already hurting small businesses, reducing the hours Americans are allowed to work, forcing employers to drop coverage, and leading to substantial increases in healthcare premiums—especially for young people. And, if Obamacare is fully implemented, it will create an even further drag on the economy, killing jobs and making it harder for those struggling to climb the economic ladder.

Adding layer upon layer of government has not lifted millions out of poverty; in fact, more than 23 million remain unemployed and tens of millions more are trapped by anemic economic growth.  By nearly every measure, life is getting more difficult for hard working Americans.

Above all else, lawmakers should commit to restoring economic growth.  Washington must commit to doing no harm, and by now, nearly everyone recognizes Obamacare is causing harm.  Americans are being forced to work fewer hours, find new insurance, or pay higher premiums.  Washington can no longer ignore these facts.  Obamacare and growth are incompatible and, at a minimum, it must be delayed until economic growth returns.

Heritage Action supports this amendment and urges Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell to fight for Sen. Cruz’s right to offer this important amendment on the forthcoming Continuing Resolution.

Heritage Action supports the “Restore Growth First” amendment and will include it as a vote on our scorecard.

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