“YES” on Continuing Resolution that Defunds Obamacare (House)

On Friday, the House will vote on the Continuing Appropriations Resolution, 2014 (H. J. Res. 59).  The bill would fund the government until December 15 and permanently defund Obamacare.  Obamacare is a massive threat to the economyjob creation, and the doctor-patient relationship, which is why a majority of Americans (57-percent) oppose Obamacare.

The Constitution grants Congress, not the executive branch, the “power of the purse.”  Thus, Congress has the authority to defund Obamacare in its entirety.  As The Heritage Foundation explains, total defunding of Obamacare is the most viable solution to preventing any further damage:

The only way for Congress to stop the new entitlements and executive branch spending abuses is to defund all Obamacare implementation efforts across the federal government.

Full defunding of Obamacare would halt the law’s new entitlements before they start—and prevent HHS from raiding other parts of the departmental budget to promote Obamacare.

Defunding Obamacare would also prevent the enforcement of the law’s new regulations and  18 separate tax increases, including the tax for not complying with the individual mandate.

While Congress cannot unilaterally repeal Obamacare, the Constitution grants Congress the ultimate “power of the purse.” If Congress chooses not to fund Obamacare activities for the upcoming fiscal year, the Obama Administration cannot act to implement the law. Congress can, and Congress should, act to defund all of Obamacare now.

The need for congressional action is urgent.  On October 1, 2013, open enrollment begins for Obamacare’s massive new entitlements, including the new federally-subsidized exchanges and the Medicaid expansion.   On January 1, 2014 – three months into the next fiscal year – Obamacare’s new entitlements are scheduled to take effect.  The taxpayers will spend $48 billion in 2014 – and nearly $1.8 trillion through 2023 – on these new entitlement programs.  Once Obamacare’s new rules and regulations are entrenched, it will be nearly impossible to undo the damage this new law will do to the American people.  Congress should not spend another dime of taxpayer money implementing the law.  Obamacare bureaucrats are already imposing their will on the American people and preventing them from selecting the health plans and doctors of their choice.

Additionally, health insurance premiums are skyrocketing across America, and employers are shedding jobs and hours.  The majority of American people oppose Obamacare.  Even many on the Left – including some powerful unions who were once the law’s strongest supporters – have conceded that it is a train wreck. If Congress chooses not to fund Obamacare activities for the upcoming fiscal year, the Obama Administration cannot act to implement the law.  Congress can and should act to defund all of Obamacare now.

Heritage Action supports H.J. Res. 59 and will include it as a vote on the legislative scorecard.

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