This week, the Senate will vote on the nomination of former Senator Chuck Hagel to be the United States Secretary of Defense. Although the president has the constitutional authority to nominate Hagel, he does so only with the “Advice and Consent of the Senate.”

With the multitude of challenges facing America, both in terms of evolving threats and domestic budgetary challenges, the need for competency is paramount. Unfortunately, Hagel’s confirmation hearing raised serious questions surrounding his ability to lead America’s armed forces.

As Heritage explained, Hagel “repeatedly fumbled his responses on important Middle East security questions at his confirmation hearing.” On Iran, he “not only misstated his own position but also apparently fail[ed] to grasp the Administration’s stand on such an important issue.”

Throughout Hagel’s confirmation hearing, an alarming pattern of incoherent, imprecise, and inaccurate answers developed. On questions ranging from the budget to nuclear weapons, Hagel displayed a quiet incompetence that makes him unfit to lead America’s armed forces, which must be capable of proactively protecting the nation and its citizens.