“NO” on Nomination of Mari Carmen Aponte

*Updated 6-13-12: According to news reports, the Senate may soon vote again on the nomination of Mari Carmen Aponte. In that event, Heritage Action will score the most recent vote.

This week, the Senate may vote on the nomination of Mari Carmen Aponte as Ambassador to El Salvador. Because of the contentious nature of her nomination, Ms. Aponte was recess appointed by President Obama on August 19, 2010; however, her term expires at the end of the year and she cannot continue serving as ambassador unless the Senate acts to confirm her.

Ms. Aponte’s nomination as Ambassador to the Dominican Republican was withdrawn back in 1998, under President Bill Clinton, when it was alleged she was in a long-term relationship with a high-ranking Cuban spy. Many Senators are concerned Ms. Aponte has not sufficiently answered questions regarding that relationship. There are also serious questions regarding her agenda in El Salvador. Ms. Aponte published an opinion piece that called into question the religious and pro-family culture of Salvadoreans.

Any nominee who has relationships that potentially threaten our national security and pushes an agenda counter to the culture of the nation she is supposed to work with has no place as a U.S. Ambassador, especially to a country as strategically important as El Salvador

Heritage Action opposes the nomination of Mari Carmen Aponte and will include the latest vote as a key vote in our scorecard.

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