We must stand for limited government

The IRS discriminated against conservative patriots fighting for limited government and fiscal responsibility. Governmental Agencies are being forced to question each other over Bengazi and the freedom of the press is being invaded like never before.

This amounts to a frontal attack by our government on conservatives and our core principles. It is shameful and wrong when big government acts out against freedom.

But President Obama is continuing on with business as usual, as if nothing has happened.

Heritage Action is battling discrimination and injustice

The first step for conservatives is to expose the truth about these vile attacks. Who is really responsible? How far does this corruption spread?

Heritage Action is pressuring lawmakers to hold hearings immediately to get to the bottom of these scandals and to prioritize finding truth over other legislative battles.

And we are working with conservatives in Congress to identify victims of this anti-conservative bias who can testify in these hearings and directly pressuring Congress to bring justice and honor back to government.

More importantly, we need to ramp up the pressure on Congress to limit the size and scope of government. Because big government liberalism lies at the core of this problem.

We need your help right away to expose IRS bias and fight for limited government.