Harry Reid wants total control.

“I’m not interested in changing the rules now. But now is a relative term,” Reid said Tuesday. Translation: I’ll do what I want when I want.

We’ve seen this before. Time and time again. Harry Reid is threatening to change the Senate rules again so he can jam through Barack Obama’s radical nominees. Harry Reid and liberals in the Senate want to eliminate the rights of the minority to pave the way for big-government judges and bureaucrats. Enough is enough.

Reid will do anything to ensure those who oppose him are silenced.

“Republicans are pouting,” Reid said on the floor Tuesday. “They are saying, ‘Aw, they changed the rules to get these judges done so we are going to agree to nothing,’ and they have agreed to nothing, [including] things we used to do just as a matter of fact.”

The truth is, Reid is the one pouting. And his tantrum may result in him going ‘nuclear’ and changing the Senate rules again.

Harry Reid must be stopped.

We must stop Harry Reid and Barack Obama from moving forward with their radical liberal agenda.

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