Defend Louie Gohmert from the Republican Establishment’s Attacks

Last year the entire Republican Party campaigned on stopping Obama’s amnesty, but when they felt pressure from Obama and the democrats—they gave up and then launched attack ads on conservatives who stood firm.

Louie Gohmert stood on principle and fought kept his promise to constituents.

This is a Republican on Republican attack. You need to defend the conservative.

Now a pro-amnesty group with close ties to House Republican leadership is attacking Louie Gohmert for trying to stop Obama’s unconstitutional amnesty!

Defend Gohmert Now

Louie Gohmert is under attack, and it’s up to you to show your support. Use our dashboard to deliver this message:
Congressman Gohmert, thank you for standing up to President Obama on executive amnesty. We stand with you!

Defend Gohmert Now