Critical action needed to stop the liberals

Heritage Action is counting you to sign your Proxy Ballot and give us your personal support as we lead the fight to pressure Congress to:

  • Defund Obamacare;
  • Hold the line on government spending bills;
  • Increase the debt ceiling only if no new taxes are included in the legislation;
  • And defeat the unfair and enormously costly “Gang of Eight” illegal immigration amnesty bill!

Sign your proxy ballot

Dear Mike:

I hereby give Heritage Action my personal approval to speak on my behalf to members of Congress in support of principled conservative positions on key legislative debates that will be occurring in the coming weeks.

Specifically, I give my proxy support to Heritage Action’s plans to:

  • oppose raising the debt limit without serious and immediate reductions in taxes and spending
  • pressure members of Congress to hold firm on annual government spending limits
  • seize every opportunity to force congressional votes on defunding Obamacare
  • and to make sure that the “Gang of Eight” amnesty bill does not pass the House of Representatives.