“Simply enforce the laws.”

This bit of advice — directed at President Obama and his administration — came not from a conservative activist, but from an Arizona County Sheriff. This sheriff is right. And as conservatives, we agree.

“We wish we had help from the federal government.”

This is from law enforcement in Arizona. They know from first hand experience that when there are not consequences for breaking the law, there is no disincentive to illegally enter the United States.

Not only have Washington elites failed to help the local law enforcement authorities in our border states — they have repeatedly undermined their efforts to secure the border. President Obama appears more interested in allowing more illegal immigration than securing the border and respecting the rule of law. President Obama and his administration refuse to join with local and state authorities to enforce our current immigration laws.

Now is the time to stand up.

And you can make a difference. Together, we hold Washington accountable to conservative principles by working both inside and outside Washington.

With your help, we can change the tide, and once again become a nation that respects the rule of law. Join our team of conservative activists across the country.