Action Alert: “NO” to the Export-Import Bank

Today a handful of Republicans are going to help Nancy Pelosi and well-connected special interest groups revive the Export-Import Bank.

In July, conservatives had a major victory when you shut down the Export-Import Bank, which was nothing more than a slush fund for corporate welfare.

Even though the bank has been expired for over 100 days, Barack Obama and big-government lobbyists worked for weeks to bully lawmakers into voting to restart the Export-Import Bank.

So what’s next? Every single House Democrat will vote to resurrect the now-defunct bank. We need to make sure as many Republicans as possible vote “NO” on the Export-Import Bank.

Make the call to your lawmakers today to make sure they are voting “NO” on the Export-Import Bank.

Heritage Action is opposed resurrecting the Export-Import Bank (H.R. 597). We are key voting against the bill and we need your help to get as many Republican “NO” votes as possible.

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