Urge the Senate to vote “NO” on the Corker-Cardin Iran bill

This week the Senate will take up the Corker-Cardin Iran bill or S. 615.

What is happening with Iran? The Obama Administration is in the final stages of negotiating a bad deal with Iran would allow the country to keep more than 6,000 operational centrifuges. Under this deal Iran wouldn’t even have to renounce terrorism or recognize Israel. It’s a bad deal for America and for the safety of the world.

What does the Corker-Cardin bill do? The Corker Cardin bill (S. 615) sets up a sham disapproval process on any presidential agreement with Iran. If passed, Congress would essentially be lowering the number of Senators needed to approve a bad international agreement from 67 to 34. This bill will not help stop President Obama’s Iran deal.

What can you do? Call your senators and urge them to vote “NO” on the Corker-Cardin Iran bill.

America cannot afford to give the Obama administration unchecked authority to negotiate with Iran– stop the Corker-Cardin Iran bill.

Call your senators today.

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