See the Senate’s Keystone XL Pipeline Vote on Our Scorecard

The Senate finally voted on the Keystone XL Pipeline. Unfortunately, it didn’t receive the votes required to pass. Want to see how they voted? Check out to see how your Senators voted on one of the most important energy projects in recent years.

The Keystone XL Pipeline would increase America’s energy security, contribute inestimably to the efficiency of the global market, and create thousands of new jobs. Although the project has also long enjoyed bipartisan support, President Obama has worked on behalf of radical environmentalists to delay its completion.  The country has waited too long for the opposition to get out of the way. Find out who chose to support the measure and who decided to further obstruct a great American enterprise.

Scorecard: Senate Keystone Vote

And don’t forget – the Heritage Action scorecard never sleeps. When the gavel drops on a conservative vote, Heritage Action’s scorecard shows you whether your members of Congress represented your views.

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See the Senate's Keystone Vote on Heritage Action's Scorecard

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