Will DHS Get an Additional $78 Million to Handle Surge of Illegal Immigrant Children?

Updated 2:10 PM EDT: According to CQ.com (sub. req’d), “House appropriators voted Wednesday to rearrange spending levels in their fiscal 2015 Homeland Security spending bill to help handle the unprecedented surge of unaccompanied minors crossing the southern border.”  The bill provides $39.2 billion in funding for DHS.

The massive surge of unaccompanied illegal minors crossing the southern border has been a major headline this week, with conservative lawmakers blaming President Obama’s policies for the trend and Obama calling it an “urgent humanitarian crisis.”  Children as young as 5 years old from Mexico and Central America are crossing dangerous terrain and ending up in U.S. holding facilities.

Homeland Security and Border Patrol facilities in Texas have become “overwhelmed” by the recent influx of illegal immigrants crossing the border from Mexico and Central America,” the Daily Signal reported.  They are being relocated to Tucson and Phoenix, Arizona.  

And carrying out the resettlement process for these children comes with a cost. Lawmakers are now considering how much additional funding the Department of Homeland Security will need to carry out these tasks.  CQ.com reports (sub. req’d):

The House Appropriations Committee is now considering whether to rearrange funding levels in its fiscal 2015 Homeland Security spending bill to find an extra $78 million to help handle the surge of immigrant children entering the United States illegally.


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