Who Feels Motivated by Obamacare?

A look at the polls shows Democrats aren’t motivated by Obamacare, and they don’t think it is an important issue for the upcoming 2014 midterm elections, says Aaron Blake of the Washington Post.

Democrats who consider Obamacare to be one of the most important issues in the 2014 campaign are outnumbered three to one by Republicans who say the same, according to a new Washington Post-ABC poll.

Why are Democrats feeling so blasé about Obamacare? According to Blake:

A big reason there are so few people rallying around the law is that, even among those who support it, they don’t necessarily think it’s helping or is going to help.

While support for Obamacare has generally been in the low 40s, only about half of supporters think it will actually be a net-positive over the long haul and make things better in the U.S. health-care system.

And even fewer — 14 percent — say they currently see benefits accruing.

Opponents of the law, by contrast, still say that its impacts are and will continue to be negative over the long haul:

In other words, opponents of the law are more numerous, more passionate and more dreadful of things to come. Supporters are fewer, less passionate and not terribly convinced that the program they support will even bear fruit.

In light of this cheery analysis, it’s worth thinking of a reminder from American commitment, in a new video production.

Democrats that supported Obamacare lied about the law when they said Americans could keep their plans if they liked them.  And the new talking point being used by Obamacare supporters — that they are going to “fix,” “improve,” “work on,” Obamacare (or some other variation on that theme) — is also a lie.

The truth, however painful, is that Obamacare cannot be fixed.  Democrats have good reason not to feel motivated by Obamacare, and opponents sentiments are just as justified.

With Americans paying a lot more for lower quality health care and more limited provider networks, Democrats in office shouldn’t feel blindsided.

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There is still no reason to celebrate #Obamacare. And things will only get worse for Americans.

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So... Democrats are not motivated by Obamacare. Surprised?

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With the 2014 elections coming, polls show Democrats just don't care about Obamacare.

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