Obama Attacks Coal, Mary Landrieu Does Some Damage Control

Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA) has a Heritage Action scorecard score of 2 percent — something that should make conservatives cringe.  Her score demonstrates that with almost every vote she takes, she diminishes our freedom and prosperity and grows big government.

In light of the votes she’s taken in the Senate, it’s almost humorous that on one very important issue, she’s trying desperately to distance herself from President Obama and the left: coal.

This week the Sen. Landrieu will visit (sub. req’d) the Big Cajun II coal-fired power plant in New Roads, Louisiana, where she will tour the plant, meet the workers, and hold a roundtable discussion with power industry leaders.”  CQ.com notes:

Landrieu’s opposition isn’t likely to make much of a difference in the White House’s eyes, but it gives the endangered incumbent a chance to separate herself from a president who isn’t particularly popular in Louisiana. She joins other Democrats running in red states, particularly Alison Lundergan Grimes in Kentucky, to vigorously oppose the president’s latest push on climate.

Earlier this month, the Obama Administration unveiled a climate action plan that it plans to implement without legislative approval.  Congress has refused to pass cap-and-trade legislation to date, so President Obama is using the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to implement new carbon rules for existing power plants.

“The EPA’s New Source Performance Standards for GHG emissions from existing sources set reduction targets at 25 percent below 2005 levels by 2020 and 30 percent by 2030,” explains Nick Loris of the Heritage Foundation.

This unilateral action by the President and his administration not only undermines Congress, but the new regulations will have almost no noticeable impact on global temperatures.   They will, however, severely harm our nation’s poor, who spend a disproportionately large amount of their income on energy.  “The median family spends about 5 cents out of every dollar on energy costs, but low-income families spend about 20 cents,” Loris notes.  

Coal miners are also concerned the new EPA regulations will mean one less way to earn a living — and a good one at that.  One Ohio Valley coal miner said, “People need jobs.  These are high-paying, good jobs for people.  They are basically cutting them.”


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Mary Landriue is trying to separate herself from Obama on #coal and EPA regs.

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